Soooo, what's there to know about Starjuice?


Starjuice was started because my friend Jean offered a subdomain for my comic Always Princess Star. And, well, having the extra space, I figured why not make a portofolio site as well? I'm not one to stick to websites like Deviant Art or Sheezy Art long, so I might as well just have a website for my art without having to fill out those long forms. So yeah, that's pretty much it. ^^;

Now... why the name "Starjuice" you might ask?
To tell you the truth, it took quite a bit (to me anyway) to come up with a name for my subdomain. When it comes to names, it just has to be perfect for me... usually. Anyway, I usually like things that are cute and short. I wanted something to go along with my comic's star-theme.. but I also wanted something that was different from it... and since I'm such a juice fanatic "starjuice" eventually popped into my head. Yup. So after debating that for a day I decided on it and... whammo! Here it is.

So, who's the girl on the front page?
Why, that's my little Mitou! To make a long story short, she's my fursona! Y'know... furry version of yourself... yet still their own character.. erm... Okay, so I can't explain it well. ^^;; But she's dear to me and is probably one of my oldest characters that I still update and draw.

And lastly....

Want to know about... moi?!

Well, I am Shauna! Though some friends call me Shu! I'm a 16-year old girl who loves cute things, shoujo-ai, chickens, cats, etc..etc...! Though I do go to an art highschool and have even taken art lessons at Cooper Union, my anime art style has all been self-taught for many years. I enjoy drawing cute girls, furries, or whatever else happens when I put my pencil to the paper!
Sooo... currently I'm still in school, gonna start 11th grade, and for the momment... I aspire to be a comic artist! Or an illustrator! Or novelist/poet! Or something! So long as it keeps me from having to get a job at McDonolds or some other boring place. 'Cause, y'know, I must create!

You can reach me at MewshuATgmail.com ! Just replace that "at" with the "@" and whatnot... I love hearing from people!! ^__^

And... for now, that is all I have to put in this section. =D But, hey, thanks for viewing it!

(c)Shauna Grant, 2005