This is the picture of the girl, Mitou, whom you see in the website design. ^^ I drew this while in my SonicStyle-obsessed-frenzy, hence the coloring style. When I drew this, what I wanted to do was take the a li'l bit of the Sonic Style and add a bunch of my own into it to make something...new! I reeeeaaaally love how this came out. It took a while to finish it though-- like inking and coloring over a three day period. Mostly 'cause I kept getting distracted, but... eh. ^^; This was sketched on paper with pencil, then inked and colored in Photoshop 7, yay~ Also, yes. She is suppose to look sad! Why? 'Cause she's been waiting an awfully long time for a certain someone to arrive... and wants you to tell her when it will be time for them to appear. ^-^; Somthin' like that.

(c)Shauna Grant, 2005