This is my first inking in photoshop! ^^ So I was very obsessed with it when I finished. It's of my character Misa (aka MisaMisa) and Jeff's character Rekk Rodgerz. Yes, with a Z. Here Misa is tugging on Rekk's arm to pull him down (because she's a tad short) and give him a kiss on the side of his cheek. ^^ I think it's so cuuute. Yes, they're so cute! Not that they're going out in the RP or anything... but still. I drew this more for him anyway. And to ink it. Yush. This took... a while to do, but not too long. The hands came out awful though. Just couldn't ink them right. Also, I got really carried away with the background text. Especially the "ever ever ever" part. Hahaha~

(c)Shauna Grant, 2005