Your Hug

This is a picture of Misa I drew the other night. >_> My dearest wasn't about and so I was goin' nuts as usually-- I'm such a clingy sap. I really looooove how this came out, despite the fact that Misa's feet didn't get cleaned properly before I flattened the image, so bits of her fur coloring ish.. out of the lineart. Sigh. When I started filling the color in, I wasn't sure how I was going to do the coloring. I thought it would make such a sweet pastel-looking picture... but I wanted SA style too. And, hey, with the use of the pentool plus dodge tool, I think I got the best of both worlds. ^^ The picture came out extremely soft looking (to me anyway) aside from the background. I wasnt at all sure how to do the BG... but I think it came out pretty nifty anyway. Heh heh, don't ask where the light source is coming from-- I don't know. O_o; Mega-desk-lamp-of-DOOM?

Btw... Yes! That IS a plushie of Rekk. Awww, Misa misses her soon-to-be sweetie. Aww. >_>

(c)Shauna Grant, 2005